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Wondered if it's possible to iterate through the pages held in the pages library and determine the page layout being used by each page? any c# code examples appreciated.

Many thanks in advance

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I believe you need to use PublishingPage.GetPublishingPage to get the page, then use that to get Layout.

For example:

var pagesList = web.Lists["Pages"];
pagesList.GetItems(new SPQuery()).Cast<SPListItem>().ToList().ForEach(item => {
  if (!PublishingPage.IsPublishingPage(item)) return;

  var publishingPage = PublishingPage.GetPublishingPage(item);
  Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Page '{0}' use layout named '{1}' with title '{2}'", 
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I'm trying something similar to test this but keep getting a "Value does not fall within expected range error" says the SPListItem is not compatible with a PublishingPage: SPList MyPages = web.Lists["Pages"]; SPListItemCollection MyPagesColl = MyPages.GetItems(Customview); foreach(int i=0; i<MyPagesColl.Count;i++) { SPListItem item = MyPagesColl[i]; //error occurs here PublishingPage Page = PublishingPage.GetPublishingPage(item); TestLabel.Text = Page.Layout.Name; } – user574204 Nov 11 '12 at 19:30
That foreach looks very suspicious, have you tried foreach (var item in myPagesColl){...}? And what does PublishingPage.IsPublishingPage(item)) give you? – eirikb Nov 11 '12 at 21:14

Use SPSiteDataQuery to get all the pages or filter them w.r.t their associated Content Types. See example below

SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb;
SPSiteDataQuery query = new SPSiteDataQuery();

//Server template for pages library is 850
query.Lists = "<Lists ServerTemplate='850' Hidden='TRUE' />";  

query.ViewFields = @"<FieldRef Name='URL' Nullable='True' Type='URL' /><FieldRef Name='Title' Nullable='TRUE' Type='Text' />";

query.Webs = "<Webs Scope='Recursive'  />";
query.Query = @"<Where><Eq><FieldRef Name='ContentType'/><Value Type='Text'>CT_Page_News</Value></Eq></Where>"
DataTable dt = web.GetSiteData(query);

SPSiteDataQuery: this class used for cross site query. Query a data within site collection or specific web.

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