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Just curious whether there is a way to hide buttons/other elements on an infopath 2010 form so that that don't appear on the print preview/ printout.


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A similar questions is asked on this forum

Please see Clay's answer, posted below:

In order to get the print out you want you need to create one more view specifically for the print out. So you would format it to show the elements from all of your views and process and format it the way you needed. InfoPath has some limitations when creating paper forms, I believe since the whole point is having the form and information electronic, but you should be able to get what you need for this. You can also go into the print properties for each view and set your new print view as the default. That way whereever they are when they print they get the correct, complete format.

So as he said, create a read-only view and set it as default in Print Properties!

I hope this helps

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