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I have a problem in SharePoint 2010. I have a list with three columns:

  • Date Notified
  • Packet Mailed
  • Condolence Letter Sent

The problem is that Packet Mailed or Condolence Letter Sent could be empty, so this new column should be empty as well, if that's the case. The formula I used has errors, and I can not find another one. Could you help me?

I am able to make two column formula work:

=IF(ISBLANK([Packet Mailed]),"",[Packet Mailed]-[Date Notified])

Here is the formula that i am getting an error with:

=IF(ISBLANK([Packet Mailed],[Condolence Letter Sent]),"",([Packet Mailed],[Condolence Letter Sent])-[Date Notified]))

Here is the Columns i need to formulate:

  • Packet Mailed
  • Condolence Letter Sent
  • Date Notified

Thank You, Arron

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If I got you correct, following formula should work:

=IF(ISBLANK([Packet Mailed]), "", IF(ISBLANK([Condolence Letter Sent]), "", [Condolence Letter Sent])-[Date Notified]))

And for ease you can use Microsoft Excel to prepare formula for Calculate Fields, as they use same formula's as of EXCEL!

I hope this helps...

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