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I'm trying to make a new publishing page that can use either Images, Video or Audio.

I'we already made one that uses the PublishingWebControls:RichImageField but cant find equivalents for video and audio.

I would be fine with havíng 3 fields on one page that the user can choose either of the 3.

Anyone able to help?

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The way I've handled this before is if they need to link to content, like on youtube, give them a hyperlink filed to do so. If they want to upload video or audio, then put a web part zone in the page layout so they can drop in a media web part.

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As Eric said, one way is to add the link field or web part zone.

But, you can also integrate the multimedia content on publishing pages via

  1. A media web part absed on Silver light 3.0
  2. A media field and media field control
  3. The Content Query web part
  4. Javascript API to manipulate the media player
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