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I have a custom list called expenses. The list has fields such as user,date,amount etc.

I want the user to be able to filter this list by amount e.g. add a dropdown above the list with a search button and these items 'Below 10', 'Above 10', 'Above 50 etc'

This has to be done in visual studio as i am creating a web template.

How would i go about implementing this?

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You can do this in several ways.

One of them would be to declaratively create a List Definition which contains a View with the filters that you need (you can even make it the default view if required).

Here's a walkthrough on creating list definitions:

Another option would be to programmatically create the View in a new or existing list. Here's an example on how to add a View to a list:

As I mentioned, you can either programmatically create the list and add the view, or you can just get an existing list an add the view.

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