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I have a link list and would like to get rid of the column headers. How can I do this?

The reason I would like to do this is because I am grouping links based on a category, and it looks weird with the column above it.

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Just used css. Added a content editor, hid it, and added this to the html source:

.ms-viewheadertr {
  display: none;
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One way to do this is to generate a view of your Links list as a Data View Web Part in SharePoint Designer, and hide the column headers by removing the XSLT for the headers in Code View.

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This above CSS script hides headers for all the listview webparts on the Page. How can we modify this to hide the header only for a particular listview?

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How about hiding the group by column names. I had a script for this in 2007 but it doesn't work in 2010.

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