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As the title says I'm not able to sync my MS Project plan with a SharePoint Task List. I created the list and synced it, then I made some changes and want to sync again, which throws the following error:

Ungültiger Sammelvorgangsname

Das Projekt kann nicht mit der SharePoint-Vorgangsliste synchronisiert werden, da mindestens zwei Sammelvorgänge den gleichen Namen aufweisen.

Ändern Sie den Namen von xxx, und wiederholen Sie die Synchronisierung.

Which means in english something like

Invalid group task

The Project can't be synchronised with the SharePoint-Tasklist, because at least 2 group tasks have the same name.

Please change the name of xxx and repeat the synchronisation.

I had this issue before and had to delete the list and sync again (which was no problem with the fresh list, so the project plan must be ok). I created a new project from the existing list just to test it and there really were tasks with the same name like my group tasks as regular tasks, but I never added them and they are not part of my original project plan.

Does anybody know about this issue and how to solve it?

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