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Which is the easiest way to use Skype within Sharepoint (WSS 3.0)

I mean How to integrate it? I mean when I see a sharepoint username...i want it show skype status also. Is it possible?

Any ideas?


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Integration of Skype with SharePoint can be very useful, e.g. you are reviewing a task list and see an overdue item. With an integration, you can see directly the status of the person and contact him without first having to switch and search. Or what about a group conference/chat with your new team - again without searching, etc.

However, the CodePlex solution is rather limited, and the usual request of status from Skype online slows down page rendering for more than a few names.

We have therefore developed a professional integration of Skype into SharePoint. It allows a whole range of different applications, such as showing status for a large list of people without performance degradation, contacting single persons, as well as starting a Skype conference/chat directly from SharePoint interface. You can find it here:

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have a read at this forum:

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In what way do you want to use Skype within SharePoint?

Skype is a client side instant messaging application with VOIP capabilities whereas SharePoint is a storage and presentation platform.

Please elaborate on your requirement.

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How to integrate it? I mean when I see a sharepoint username...i want it show skype status also. Is it possible? Thx – neo269 Aug 27 '10 at 12:57
@saumil Please move this explanation to the original question. However, what you need is Sharepoint Skype status field – Marek Grzenkowicz Aug 30 '10 at 7:16
Thnks Marek for the reply! – neo269 Aug 30 '10 at 9:54

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