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I use a Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 document library to manage documents in Microsoft CRM 2011. CRM can automatically create folders in a Sharepoint document library when user creates an entity like Opportuniny. So far so good, but I want to automatically create some subfolders in the folder created by the CRM. The subfolders are the same for all Opportuninties. What should I do?

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As long as custom code is an option, you could use an event receiver on the ItemAdded event for the list - by making use of the SPListItem.Folder property you could check to see if the item is a folder and, if so, create sub-folders for it.

However, this gets trickier since the same ItemAdded event will fire when you add those sub-folders too - you'll have to do something like check the URL of the folder to see where it is within the library's folder structure.

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