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First let me categorize SharePoint consumer modifiers as below

  1. End Users - people who basically browse the portal and do operations like upload, download and navigate..

  2. Limited customization of the SharePoint Pages/lists through browser - creating pages/libraries/views, editing HTML, writing basic CAML etc

  3. Customization using SPD, ah must be knowing CSS3 and javascript/jquery to be a great SharePoint Branderrrr.

  4. SharePoint Administartor, a lot on configuration and troubleshooting.

  5. A good SharePoint developer should have indepth knowledge of ASP.Net, SP object Model, Client Object model, WCF, Workflows and Silverlight.

  6. The man I am talking about, A SharePoint Architect - what should this guy capable of, all of the above! Then what else, how to on Performance, Capacity Planning, Virtualization, Deployment etc?

Search is one important factor which I missed, definitely. Would like to understand what people think of "What a great Architect should know"?

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