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I want to develop a "Custom Action" for all of document libraries in a site collection, I tried looking on Google but couldn't find any relevent tutorial.

Custom action has to be in "Actions" and below "Export to spreadsheet".


I got custom Document libraries as well as out of box ones and since I don't want to relate this action to lists I will have to find out what can I use for "RegistrationType", "RegistrationID" and "Location"

For a normal list its something like this,


but not sure what would be location for this "actions" and whether I can do something to relate it to all document libraries out of box or custom ones

Edit 2

I find what I was looking for here

however still not sure if it will work for custom document libraries or not.

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Problem with this is you are running 2007, I have no idea.

But 2010..

Someone has a good example of a custom action in the comments, can't test myself for 2k7 but you never know. Never had need to until 2010.


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cheers, it does work on 2007 as well but there are few requirements I need to follow. – Muhammad Raja Nov 2 '12 at 15:28
Awesome post your results. – Hugh Wood Nov 2 '12 at 15:31

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