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It seems like I can't access any Lists on https sites, I get the status -> error everytime I try. Tried GetList and GetListItems operations in my Javascript function, which works fine on any site I tested it - as I just have to change my "SITE_URL" parameter. The webURL and listName are given.

So I came to ask: Is SPServices working different on https?

EDIT: Someone coming across this question looking for similar issues may find this topic about CORS, different farms and HTTP / HTTPS useful: Link

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From my experience, no. I've used it in both http and https environments without issues.

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Accepting your answer, as it seems to be the correct answer to the actual question in my post, thanks. – curmudgeon Nov 1 '12 at 8:57

Note that accessing data cross-protocols will breach Same Origin Policy.

You can get around this by using a relative URL, or just start a full path URL with // instead of specifying protocol.

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The CORS subject led me to another answer, thanks for the point. – curmudgeon Nov 1 '12 at 8:55

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