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Im currently testing performance of sharepoint pages. As a tool to choose JMeter. Wondered write scenarios for testing it. Found that this is done through a proxy server, built-in JMEter. Adding proxy in workspace, but there is a problem. Since I use NTLM authentication, I add to simple test HTTP requests HTTP Authorization Manager, and there all works (for my custom HTTP Requests in a test). But in the proxy it does't. The documentation clearly says ( # HTTP_Proxy_Server), "The Proxy server passes on any Authorization headers sent by the browser, but does not save them in the test plan. If the site requires Authorization, you will need to add an Authorization Manager and fill it in with the necessary entries. " I create a proxy, I add HTTP Authorization Manager (or don't, the result is not affected). But when I set proxy settings in my browser, everything stops working. All requests end in a proxy with 401 error (the user is not authenticated), and in IE I see complete silence (blank page). Chrome, like FF, asks the user / password, but when I specify them, can not be authenticated, he asks again login and password.

  • Manual by proxy me absolutely no help (
  • Allow anonymous access sharepointe not give any effect at all (get the same 401 error)
  • Many hours of documentation and randomly switching checkboxes in settings JMeter had no effect
  • Search the forums led me over here (, but it doesn't help. What helped author the question, I have already admitted, when I read the documentation
  • Blog search brought me over here (, but the question in the comments on NTLM guy did not answer
  • Also found here is the record (, asked in comments author, but little hope.

I appeal to you for help, my colleagues. If anyone has experience with JMeter and NTLM in sharepoint, please tell me how to configure a proxy server. My mind dictates that I am missing something simple. And 2 more question. What about test requests for large files (500 MB) with this utility? I get requests from the test, but the results files doues not written. Oh, and the final question. And what you're testing performance of sharepoint?

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