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SP 2007: I have a "master" list and a "slave" list. Workflow attached to the "master" list creates items in the "slave" list based on data in the "master" list item. Can I disable manual item creation in the "slave" list (or, alternately, create a "null" content type and set that as the default for the "slave" list) so that users cannot create an item directly in the "slave" list?


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You could set permissions on the slave list to prevent users adding items. Then, your workflow code (is it a Visual Studio workflow or SPD?) could elevate privileges in order to be able to create the slave list items.

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I reckon one way to do this would be to use a custom NewForm.aspx page for the slave list, and hide the DataFormWebPart on that page.

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If you have the control over the list definition, then setting the SecurityBits for you slave bits to 14 can prevent your users to modify that list..

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While I agree with Paul Lucas's approach, another idea might be an EventHandler - on ItemAdding, you could reject cancel the event - and prevent the item being created.

But permissions is probably the way to go.

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