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I am trying to mount a SharePoint (SP) filesystem on Linux using davfs2. I am following the article:

First off, I see a lot of questions on SO for mounting SP on Linux. In the future if anyone else tries to do similar thing and face any problem, I would strongly suggest you read the above article which is very useful. It is very thorough and very easy to follow up.

Once I followed the instructions, the SP files showed up on Linux directory where it was supposed to be mounted and everything was just fine.

However, there are two issues that I found:

  1. The entire SP file system on Linux shows up with root as owner and group, Linux view even though SharePoint owners are different. Sharepoint view

  2. If I modify an existing file in any of the SP sub-directories (as root, since only root has write permission) on Linux side, suddenly the file disappears from SP (and Linux) altogether.

Is this something that looks familiar to anyone? Greatly appreciate any help. I am using davfs2-1.4.7 and neon-0.29.6 (with the patch for neon that fixes space in davfs names) on Ubuntu 10.10.

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Can't say I've tried this... but regarding question 1 about the owner/group listing...

When opening a library in Explorer (WebDAV), there is no Creator property... nor is there a way to access the owner as you would with a non-WebDAV drive.

I would also posit that it makes sense not to try to expose that info... as far as SP is concerned, the users might come from anywhere... Active Directory, non-AD LDAP, AspNetSqlMembershipProvider, OpenID, etc... for a WebDAV client to attempt to resolve and understand that could be somewhat futile.

It may also be that the WebDAV spec doesn't even have support for "owners"... it was originally written for FrontPage, and only has relatively basic ACL support.

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