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...or would you need to write code?

  • Event registration system
  • Corporate events are entered into a list with a date assigned (could be a calendar or list view)
  • Users register for the event
  • * Only a certain number of users can register for an event before it is marked full
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It can be done with no custom server code, but with custom front end code like with javascript and jQuery. I've modified the Fab 40 template (Employee Training Scheduling and Materials) that does this and hand rolled my own much more advanced system using ootb components and custom javascript.

So yes, it can be done.

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I've done this with a little javascript and a dataview web part. Make sure you have a capacity field for your event, and a registrants list. Use the javascript to query the capacity when the page loads and hide or show a registration button based on the result. This works well in a meeting workspace where out of the box, lists are filtered by event.

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