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In Central Administration\Manage Web Applications, there is the ability to enable anonymous access on a web application through the authentication providers. Is there a way to programmatically determine if this option is enabled? Thanks!

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$authprov = Get-SPAuthenticationProvider -WebApplication [web application URL] -Zone [zone]
# Check the AllowAnonymous property:

Should return true or false

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Thanks for the reply. Though I should have specified in my original post that I was looking for how to do this in c#, but I appreciate your answer. – athom Oct 25 '12 at 15:22
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I should have specified in my post, but I was looking for how to do this in C#. I got the answer I was looking for in this link. Here's the code I basically wound up using by utilizing the IisSettings property of the SPWebApplication object:

Dictionary<SPUrlZone, SPIisSettings> settings = webApplication.IisSettings;

foreach (KeyValuePair<SPUrlZone, SPIisSettings> setting in settings)
    bool allowAnon = setting.Value.AllowAnonymous;

    //TODO handle stuff with this info
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