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I'm trying to retrieve both a file's Id in its list, plus its ETag, using the following snippet;

using (var clientContext = new ClientContext(webUrl))
    var results = clientContext.Web.Lists

    clientContext.Load(results, files => files
            .Include(file => file.ETag)
            .Include(file => file.ListItemAllFields.Id));

    foreach (var file in results)
        Console.WriteLine(file.ETag + " " + file.ListItemAllFields.Id);

However, I'm getting the following exception;

The query expression 'files => files.Include(new [] {file => file.ETag}).Include(new [] {file => Convert(file.ListItemAllFields.Id)})' is not supported.

Am I forming my query correctly? It seems that if I query for the ETag by itself, then the query works. And also, if I query for the ListItemAllFields.Id by itself, then the query works.

It's when they are both included in the one query that the failure occurs.

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Managed to work this one out with a bit of trial and error. The correct form of the query is;

    files => files.Include(file => file.ETag),
    files => files.Include(file => file.ListItemAllFields.Id));

Hopefully that's of some use to anyone else who encounters this issue.

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