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I'm facing a problem with content Types. I added a content type to thousands of lists, added items that uses that CT and now I want to remove it..

The steps I followed are theese:

  • Removed every file that uses the content type
  • Removed the content type for every document library that was using it
  • If i try to remove it from Site Settings it told me "in use"

I tried to run a script that tolds me if a List is using it and no list is using it..

How could I solve this problem? Is there any possibility to see the blocking element? I tried Sharepoint Manager 2010 but when I click on my CT it crashes.

Any suggestion? Thank you very much!

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I've run into this issue myself. One or more of the things "using" it haven't been completely deleted. This answer on Stack Overflow has the solution:

  • Delete from site recycle bin.
  • Delete from Site Collection > Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Recycle Bin.
  • Delete from End User Recycle Bin Items.
  • Delete from "Deleted From End User Recycle Bin."

That's a lot of recycling! Once complete, I was able to delete the content type.

If you can't get to the End User Recycle Bin etc, you need more permissions, you to get a farm admin (?) to do it for you.

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