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Has the Spell Checker been removed from the CEWP in 2010?

In 2007 users using the Rich Text option could spell check content. In 2010, the ribbon is showing no option to spell check. It does however show for publishing pages!

Is the publishing feature required in order to spell check the CEWP? If so, how ridiculous.

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Spell checking is done using the SpellCheck.asmx web service using functionality implemented in Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing. So it's only enabled when publishing is enabled.

So you need to activate the site collection feature SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure then you can use spell check also in CEWP

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I find this shocking, and a step backwards! Not being able to spell check a "content editor" web part seems daft! This web part is used a lot on non publishing sites. Do I want to change up a collaboration site enabling all publishing functionality in order to get spell checking working. Not a chance! It introduces so much that doesn't make sense! Thanks MS. Rant over, and thanks for the confirmation! –  Tezza Oct 16 '12 at 13:06

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