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I have created a workflow using Sharepoint Designer 2007 using "Collect Data from a user" activity which has created a Task Content Type and its Edit Form (ASPX file). In this ASPX file I want to show couple of fields from the List Item on which Workflow is running; which will help the user filling in the Task Edit Form.

Is it possible within Sharepoint Designer? Can I use ListItemProperty in DataFormWebPart? How will I bind its ListItemId proerty to Workflow Item Id?

I have ASP.NET Development background; I can create a Server Control and place that in the ASPX; but i just want to sure that there is no out of box option within Sharepoint Designer before doing this..If creating Server Control is the only option; how can I place my control into DataFormWebPart XSLT templates? It would be nice to embed my control showing the data within the task form!

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I created another workflow running on "Tasks" list which is populating the Task fields from the List running Workflows. Its ok for few fields; but now maintaining this secondary workflow and adding useless fields in task content type is exhausting option –  Khurram Aziz Aug 17 '10 at 10:55

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