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Can any body please give me link of good blog or site for sharepoint where daily added good article for sharepoint.

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if you answer here, please remember to mark your answer community wiki! – Anders Rask Jun 7 '11 at 7:52

Planet SharePoint has a feed with 200+ active blogs providing some great content.

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Go to, At least 10-20 Posts weekly.

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It's redirecting to which is just a parked domain. – Jimbo Alba Nov 8 '11 at 13:09

I use a newsreader and every time I see a good SharePoint blog (like the ones listed above) I subscribe to that blogs RSS feed. If I see something that I want to bookmark or that is worthy of sharing, I share it on my friendfeed at There are others who do the same thing. If you suscribe to one of our feeds that is a good source of info. To put it in perspective, my reader picks up 100-120 articles per day (not all SharePoint related) and I share on average 3-5 daily.

Some other sites that I find useful are (frequent posts about SharePoint, related products and competitive products) and (has some SharePoint related articles and sample code from time-to-time).

For news, go to's news tab and search on SharePoint. Then click the "News Alerts" link and subscribe to it. You'll receive a daily email with all of the places SharePoint showed up in the news that day.

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