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I have a Document Library with some exported webparts (.dwp). When I embed a hyperlink somewhere to the document, it opens in the browser (IE8). I cannot change any settings on the site collection neither can I change the defaults for anything regarding the farm or filesystem. The solution has to apply for this library only.

Basically I need a link which engages the same behavior like the "Download a Copy" Button in the library.

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The link can be reproduced using the following link, where "Documents" is the name of the library:


Effectively the download.aspx will read the content of the file you send as the SourceUrl, and render it back to you on the HTTP response.

Hope that helps

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Works like a charm, thanks a lot! :) Just for completeness, could you add an "?" behind the default.aspx? –  curmudgeon Oct 11 '12 at 15:40

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