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There are some users in my Sharepoint site. I want to prevent them from using a specific list or library. And even I don't want them to see that list or library. In other words I want to create a list or library which is hidden to some users and not hidden to others. What should I do?

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I'd aree with Diptarag - MSDN has some good documentation on this one.

You can set permissions at multiple levels - Site Collection, Site, List. List should give you what you need.

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Edit the permission of the list and set the access level accordingly, you can even give permission to only a few user to a list or library. You can find list permission under list settings. I would recommend creating a group if you need this set of user in some other place also, otherwise if you know that you have to use this permission set only for a particular list then go on add/remove particular user from list permission.

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And I'd recommend that you use AD group(s) to add to the SharePoint group – Per Jakobsen Oct 11 '12 at 7:10
Absolutely, but I have seen some problem regarding adding a few AD groups, the network team used to refer those groups "not secured", I am not sure what these things are – Diptarag Oct 11 '12 at 7:16

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