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To do the above task manually we can go to the Site Actions -> Site Settings -> Site Collection Administration -> Content Type Publishing and checked the Refresh all published content types on next update. My question is how do I do the same thing via Powershell.


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There's no easy simple command. But to have some understanding on the architecture of this settings and make your own powershell function check out this article.

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I usually googled a lot to find solution for my problem. If I can't find it, only then I will ask my question here. So, I've been to that site before posting my question. Anyway, thanks for trying to help me. – Agamand The True Oct 10 '12 at 8:16
So with the help of that post u could not solve your problem? Can you please elaborate what's the problem you are hitting presently? – Diptarag Oct 10 '12 at 8:18
Is there a cmdlets that can set the the Refresh all published content types to true. (checkbox is checked) – Agamand The True Oct 11 '12 at 5:39

Why not just publish the specific content types?


$site = $contentType.ParentWeb.Site
$publisher = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.ContentTypeSync.ContentTypePublisher $site

# Start timer jobs
Start-SPTimerJob -Identity "MetadataHubTimerJob"
Get-SPWebApplication | Get-SPTimerJob -Identity "MetadataSubscriberTimerJob" | Start-SPTimerJob
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There is a product out there that publishes content types of your choice automatically with a click of a button (instead of the manual steps and effort that is currently required):

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