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I am currently parsing boolean into string using this line, but it ain't working all of times, is there any alternative ?

bool.Parse(listItem.Properties["Boolean Property"].ToString()) == false
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bool? temp = listItem.Properties["Boolean Property"] as bool;
bool result = temp ?? true;

This code will read the property as a boolean, though return null if the property is null or not a bool (hence it is put into the nullable bool 'temp'). We then make it a normal bool use the ?? operator - if temp is null, result will be set to 'true'. Otherwise, result is set to whatever value temp has.

Using the '.Tostring()' risks a NullReferenceException if the property isn't set...

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I was checking if property exists in code above using "ContainsField" but it was throwing exception for converting string into boolean but thanks anyway I give it a try, cheers – Muhammad Raja Oct 9 '12 at 11:34
No problem, that's the pattern I use now, 'cos it avoids the .ToString (I did get caught but NullRef exceptions), and the same pattern works nicely with other types, such as ints. – Andy Burns Oct 9 '12 at 11:35
string valueS = "true";


hope it helps :)

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