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I can't make the AssetUrlSelector Dialog to look the same as in examples that I find throughout the internet.

I have simply put a AssetUrlSelector with some parameters just to try it out:

AssetUrlSelector assetPicker = new AssetUrlSelector();
assetPicker.ID = "Test_AssetPicker";
assetPicker.AssetPickerButtonVisible = true;
assetPicker.AllowExternalUrls = true;
assetPicker.IsUrlRequired = false;
assetPicker.PickerButtonText = "...";
assetPicker.UseImageAssetPicker = true;
assetPicker.DisplayLookInSection = true;
assetPicker.DefaultToLastUsedLocation = true;
assetPicker.DefaultOpenLocationUrl = "/PublishingImages/";

And I have tried toggling most properties to different values, especially "UseImageAssetPicker" and "DisplayLookInSection". No matter what I set them to, the dialog still looks the same.

Screenshot of the dialog Especially what I am missing is the actionbar, the one above the main-area that has the actions, so that I can upload new files while using the assetselectordialog.

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