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I'm using the Versions SP webservice, where I get the following message from:

<results xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/soap/">
 <list id="{E0A3AEC1-A35E-47D6-8595-C89E75ECAA06}" />
 <versioning enabled="1" />
 <settings url="http://myurl/OpportunityService/_layouts/LstSetng.aspx?List={E0A3AEC1-A35E-47D6-8595-C89E75ECAA06}" />
 <result version="@2.0" url="http://myurl/OpportunityService/CRMDocuments/AZERTYUIOP/P-F-9999.99.ABCD.xlsx" created="10/8/2012 1:14 PM" createdRaw="2012-10-08T11:14:46Z" createdBy="SHAREPOINT\system" createdByName="System Account" size="109694" comments="" />
 <result version="1.0" url="http://myurl/OpportunityService/_vti_history/512/CRMDocuments/AZERTYUIOP/P-F-9999.99.ABCD.xlsx" created="10/8/2012 1:12 PM" createdRaw="2012-10-08T11:12:23Z" createdBy="SHAREPOINT\system" createdByName="System Account" size="110111" comments="" />

The problem here is that the latest version always returns the original URL, but what I really want, is an URL like the other versions (like /_vti_history/) Anyone an idea how to get this? (if possible)

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Since this isn't possible, we redirect to an ASP.NET page which in his turn redirects to the URL of the version. We store the versionlabel in the querystring of this new page.

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