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In a Doc library in one of our sub sites, there are multiple OOB Approval workflows that get started manually.

The Power User who creates these created an additional one this week (there are 5 other Approval workflows associated with the lib). There are 6 instances of the newly created workflow currently running, but the associated status column never appeared in the doc library.

It is not just hidden in the view, it is not one of the selectable columns, period. The workflow is working fine in all other respects. I opened the lib in SharePoint Designer and it does show the workflow as associated.

Any thoughts?

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Your power user hit the Resource Throttling limit of 8 on List View Lookup Threshold, which limits the number or lookup columns in a view (including workflow, user, mananged metadata)

When you start a new workflow the first time you should make sure you don't hit that limit in the current view as this will cause the corresponding column not to be created.

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