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I have a need to copy files placed in a network location into a SharePoint document library each morning.

I've tried to do this with a batch file that uses xcopy to copy from the shared drive, to SharePoint, like so;

xcopy "\\networkdrive\Files and Folders" "\\sharepoint\re\KC\System Report\" /Y

Unfortunately this throws the error:

File creation error - The directory is not empty.

Unable to create directory - \sharepoint\re\KC\System Report\ 0 File(s) copied

Is there a reason for this I can correct and if not what would be the best way to automate this process?

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If you run a script directly on the \\sharepoint server shuld you not be able to read files from \\networkdrive and upload them to a document library using either a PS script (not sure how in 2007) or a simple C# program and have this run in scheduled task? – eirikb Oct 5 '12 at 5:08
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Add *.* to the source like this:

xcopy "\\networkdrive\Files and Folders\*.*" "\\sharepoint\re\KC\System Report\" /Y 

This will copy the files in the directory instead of the directory

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You can do it via xcopy, we've done it in the past. The sharepoint location should be mapped with the webdav address and be executed with a user account that has contribute permissions to the library.

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