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i need a method where add various Fields in a Sharepoint List, but these Fields must be in the parameter of this method.

Show me this method and how should I use it.

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Something like this to get you going perhaps?

private static void AppendNewFieldToListIfNonExistsent(SPWeb web, SPList list, string internalName,
                                                           string displayName, SPFieldType fieldType,
                                                           string lookupList = null, string lookupField = null)
        if (list.Fields.ContainsField(internalName)) return;

        if (fieldType == SPFieldType.Lookup)
            var lookupListId = EnsureLookupEntities(web, lookupList, lookupField);
            list.Fields.AddLookup(internalName, lookupListId, false);
            list.Fields.Add(internalName, fieldType, false);
        var field = list.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(internalName);
        field.Title = displayName;
        var view = list.DefaultView;
        if (view.ViewFields.Exists(field.InternalName)) return;

MSDN SPFIeldCollection.Add(SPField)
MSDN SPFieldCollection.Add(String, SPFieldType, Boolean)
MSDN SPFieldCollection.AddLookup Method (String,Guid,Boolean)
MSDN SPFieldCollection.AddLookup Method (String,Guid,Guid,Boolean)

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Tks Man!!! But if this method uses a dictionary as a parameter passing the SPFields. –  fbadaro Oct 3 '12 at 20:27
Your method? In that case just loop through them. You could add SPField directly, but it's a bit odd I think because of the SPField constructors –  eirikb Oct 3 '12 at 21:08
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