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Is there a good reference for setting up logging levels in Sharepoint? I am trying to keep my logs to a manageable, usable size but still get useful information from them.

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You can use powershell commands to limit the amount of data being logged. ULS provides Windows PowerShell cmdlets for a number of operations, including:

Changing ULS configuration settings

Trace and Event Level throttling

Flushing current log and starting a new one

Querying and filtering Trace Logs

Merging Trace Logs from multiple machines

CmdLet Examples





Retrieves Diagnostic Configuration values.

Diagnostic Configuration


Allows setting Diagnostic Configuration values.

Diagnostic Configuration


Returns IDiagnosticsLevel2 objects or displays a list of diagnostics levels.

Trace Log and Event Log Throttling


Allows the user to set the trace and event level for a set of categories.

Trace Log and Event Log Throttling


Resets the trace and event levels back to their default values.

Trace Log and Event Log Throttling


Ends the current log file and starts a new one.

Log File Control


Reads/queries ULS trace logs.

Trace Log Querying and Filtering


Combines trace log files from all farm servers into a single file.

Trace Log Merging

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check here also. – Joseph D Surgeon Oct 2 '12 at 18:50

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