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I have two SharePoint Lists: A & B. List A has a column where the user can add multilple references (displayed as hyperlinks) for each entry to entries in B

A:                            B:
... | RefB  | ...             Name | OtherColumns....
-----------------             -----------------------
... | B1    | ...             B1   |
... | B2,B3 | ...             B2   |
... | B1,B3 | ...             B3   |

Now I want to display all entries from list B that are referenced by an (specific) entry in A. I.e: I set the filter to [Entry 2] and the Web part displays all the stuff from entries B2 and B3. Is this even possible?

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i am wondering if we could do an aggregate data sourse some how using a data view web part. Here is a tutorial I found

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It vaguely sounds like you want to group by the values in one column: have a read at this blog post to see if it sounds familiar to what you want to do:

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