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I have a PoepleEditor and want to get some additional informations of a selected user from AD. When PoepoleEditor resolves an Entry you have that PickerEntry as result. One member of it is "key" which i probably should use to find the correct user in AD. I use the DirectorySearcher to search through LDAP. My Problem is that there is no attribute i could use to match the key of PickerEntry. The Value of PickerEntry.Key is "abtestportal\Chris" where the LDAP attribute "distinguishedName" of that user returns "CN=Chris,OU=DOM,DC=ab,DC=testportal". The Problem is that DC contains two strings which are concatenated in the key. Does somebody know how to search?

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I'm not quite sure if I understand you correctly, but I guess you want to extract "abtestportal" from the string "CN=Chris,OU=DOM,DC=ab,DC=testportal".

This could be done with some stringoperations:

    private String GetDcString(String input, String start, String end)
        String result = "";
        while (input.IndexOf(start) > -1)
            input = input.Substring(input.IndexOf(start) + start.Length);
            if (input.IndexOf(end) > 0)
                result += input.Substring(0, input.IndexOf(end));    
                result += input.Substring(0);
        return result;

    private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        String inputstring = "CN=Chris,OU=DOM,DC=ab,DC=testportal";
        String startstring = "DC=";
        String endstring = ",";
        MessageBox.Show(GetDcString(inputstring, startstring, endstring));
        //Messagebox shows "abportal"
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