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Is there some way I can edit the URLs that a group can visit?

When I go to Site Settings > People and Groups > Settings > View Group Permissions I can see the permissions that the group has on the URLs. But can I add/delete these URLs?enter image description here

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You need to go to the location where you want to change the permissions (perhaps /site/subsite). Then go to the Site Actions / Site Settings / Site Permissions. In some types of sites this route varies a little, but you should get the idea. From that interface, you can change the permissions a particular group may have on that site.

In other words, SharePoint permissions management is location-centric, not group-centric.

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there's a "Grant Permission" dialog where I can add a user/group to an existing SharePoint group - but that's not exactly what I want. Do I need to stop inheriting permissions in order to not add it to an existing group? All I really need is to add this site to the Site Collection Permissions for the new group. – Default Oct 10 '12 at 8:54
You add the group to the site's permissions rather than adding the site to the group's permissions. – Marc D Anderson Oct 10 '12 at 13:00

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