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Any ideas on how to make a link in a link webpart open in a new window? Thanks in Advance

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I assume you mean you have a list web part and it contains Link content type. You wish the Link content type to open in a new window. My only suggestion is that you use a custom XSLT for your List WebPart and render the xhtml link tag with a target attribute.

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I'd go with jQuery. Get all links in the webpart and add the target attribute:

  // selector: get all links in the link webpart, check for unique (parent) class
  $('selector').attr('target', '_blank');
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This blog post has the answer. I tried it out yesterday, and it works: Open Links List Links in New Window in SharePoint 2010

It does cause all of the links in the list to open in new windows, not just one, so hopefully that is the desired behavior.

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