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I created a workflow and published it to a list. The name of the workflow is Office Approval and its has to start manually. All is good but i would like to change the name of the title of the link from "Workflow" to Office Approval. Any ideas how to change this? Tried via sharepoint designer but no luck

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There is no easy way to get rid of/rename the standard link

But you can make your own link using SPD:

  • Open the site in SharePoint designer
  • Open the list in SharePoint designer
  • Click "Custom Action" in the New group in the ribbon
  • Select List Item Menu
  • Enter Office Approval as Name
  • If you want the link to automatically start the workflow Initiate Workflow as action and select your workflow
  • If you want the link to go to the Workflow page as standard select Navigate to URL as action and enter ~site/_layouts/Workflow.aspx?ID={ItemId}&List={ListId}&Source={Source}
  • Select Image if you want
  • Select Sequence to position your link: 0 at top, 899 just prior to Workflows, 900 next group, 2000 at end
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Thanks for the response.But coming back to this when i select an image the image doesn't appear.Any ideas what i'm missing? – naijacoder Apr 14 '15 at 1:56

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