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We have a SharePoint 2010 implementation and we have disabled 'User Profile'. Now when 'Add a Link' from the menu is selected an error is thrown.

How can we hide the 'Add to My Links' option on the menu?

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You can use jQuery if you are comfortable with it. You can find out the item using developer tool bar and then simply disable/hide the item you want from the menu.

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and check

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Please don’t add just a link as answer to a question. If the link breaks, the answer you provided will not be useful for future visitors. Provide an answer of your own and use the link as reference. If needed, you can block quote the content from your link. More information is found in our help center, especially How do I write a good answer – Benny Skogberg Mar 24 '14 at 7:49

SharePoint 2010 does not contain any "Add to my Links" option, did you made any custom solution to add the option in the menu? If yes, simply uninstall/deactivate the custom solution..

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