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OK so I have about 6 links on the top navigtion bar for my SharePoint site and there are subsites under each. Basically the structure is like this:

Top Link 1
- Sub Link 1
- Sub Sub Link 1
- Sub Sub Link 2
- Sub Link 1
And so on...

Now this all works fine with no issues BUT now I just tried creating another Sub Sub link under on of the Sub Links and it doesn't show up. Its the EXACT same setup as the ones that work but these don't want to show up. What could it be? Site settings -> Navigation is exactly the same as the ones that work and no changes to the masterpage have been made...why doesnt the second flyout menus show up?

In the quick launch menu it seems to work and both levels of the flyouts works just not on the top link bar, I am using Links to show the options for the top link bar..

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Im taking a shot in the dark here but i think you need to set:




this is an example from msdn:

<SharePoint:AspMenu id="V4QuickLaunchMenu" runat="server" 
EnableViewState="false" DataSourceId="QuickLaunchSiteMap" 
UseSimpleRendering="true" UseSeparateCss="false" Orientation="Vertical"
StaticDisplayLevels="1" MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels="1" 
SkipLinkText="" CssClass="s4-ql" />

hope this helps :)

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ALready have those set and it still doesn't work, well it worked up until now. Any new site I create it does not allow me to have level 2 drop downs. I checked the masterpage and MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels is still at 2. – Tudor Sep 25 '12 at 17:54
have you increased it to more than two? – ali Sharepoint Sep 25 '12 at 17:55
yep tried 3 and 4 but 2 is the one I need working... – Tudor Sep 25 '12 at 17:58
so you dont want to add another teir but when you add Sub Sub Link 3 it doesnt show up under Sub Link 1? – ali Sharepoint Sep 25 '12 at 18:01
yep, so I need to have a two tier drop down menu, the first tier works fine, and the second also worked fine until today. I mean, 2 weeks ago I created the other sites and was able to create the second tier dropdowns, and no changes hve been made to the configuration since...but now I can't seem to create the second tier links. I'm really confused because it worked fine before and I have no idea how to troublshoot it since the settings are identical – Tudor Sep 25 '12 at 18:03

It could possibly be that you've added a custom 'subsites' heading to the menu; then, collected the subsites under that custom heading and indented them by using the 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' arrows.

If so, try to remove the indent so that the sites are flush to the left along with the heading. You'll probably see that the dropdown arrow and subsites now appear in the global menu.

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