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Is there any workaround to allow the javascript:OpenPopUpPage(SomeExternalSiteUrl) works for external links, when I tried it it gave me Webpage Can not be found

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I can confirm this issue. The reason is the XSS protection. jQuery fancybox is a probably the best solution. For completeness I can tell about a solution I've seen:

So when you open a page in a modal dialog, you open your application page:


As I said, jQuery fancybox is much simpler and "fancier"...

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It should work with any URL. If you can open the URL in the browser, you should be able to open it with OpenPopUpPage too. What link are you passing in it?

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normal url javascript:OpenPopUpPage('http://moew-ecstest/ecs/PUBLIC_DOC?P_DOCUMENTNUMBER=1‌​1C6C844D6D36139907FEDAC26B96896'); And yes, I can open it in the browser but once I use the OpenPopUpPage WebPage Can not be found appears! – Rami.Shareef Sep 24 '12 at 4:18
I ended up using fancyBox the jQuery plugin – Rami.Shareef Sep 24 '12 at 5:52

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