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I'm working on a project involving an Oracle team in a Solaris environment. They need to be able to update a list item from their environment, programmatically. I need to write a proof of concept that will update SharePoint from their environment.

What is the best way to interact with SharePoint from a UNIX environment? PERL plays nicely with web services, right? I'm thinking I can just access the SharePoint web services and attach the file with no problems from a PERL script.

Does anyone have any experience with this, and do you have any recommendations? If there's a way to call an Oracle stored procedure to accomplish the same thing, that might be easier.

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I recently addressed a similar question relating to iOS (which is still *nix).

You're best bet is to interface with the SharePoint web services. The web service to interface with lists is

It would be interesting to see how you finally manage this task. There is a .NET implementation of properties and methods of the web service here, but since you are calling from *nix, I would assume you have to understand and recreate the SOAP calls (unless you can make it work in Mono C#).

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