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I read hundred of articles for Content Type but still confused, can someone please put down few words that help me understand concept of it and how its being utilized in sharepoint, I already read hundred of blogs so don't provide any links.

Thank You

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A content type is a like collection of data fields (columns) that can be used to categorize data. This allows content types to be added to lists and for users to create a new instance of a content type. From a data perspective, a content type is just the definition of data that makes up a like grouping.

For instance you could make a content type called person and give them the fields (columns, attributes, etc) of height, name, hair color, weight, sex, etc. Those are the fields that make up a person. A user then could come to a sharepoint list and add a person. A developer could use the content type in a Web Part to display people. And a person could be tied to other content types such as an office that includes a list of people in an office.

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so in short its collection of columns that we can use in Lists or webparts :) –  Ignacio Sep 18 '12 at 14:33
Correct, data that can be grouped together and reused –  Sam Sussman Sep 18 '12 at 14:37

A content-type is essentially a collection of meta-data. It is a definition that encapsulates all the information that you want to store for a particular set of items. When you define a content-type, the meta-data that you want to store are known as 'columns'/'fields'. These are fields that somehow relate to the type of item you are inserting into SharePoint. Content Types are unique, but different Content Types can share the same columns/fields. (ie. each content type can use the 'Title' column to define an items title)

For example: Let's say you want to store a list of all your companies patents in SharePoint. In SharePoint you would create a content type called 'PatentDocsCT', and in that content-type you would create 'Patent-Title', 'Patent #', 'Expiry Date', and 'Status' fields. So whenever you upload the patent document, you also enter its title, number, expiry date, and the patent's status.

All patents will have the same customizable meta-data, because they all are of the same content-type.

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