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THe following code throws me an exception, System.ArgumentNullException: Key cannot be null. Parameter name: key at System.Collections.Hashtable.get_Item(Object key) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPFieldLinkCollection.Exists(String name, SPFieldLink& fldFound)

also here: but nobody answered.

My code is as follows:

using (SPSite spsite = new SPSite(strurl))
                    using (SPWeb currentWeb = spsite.OpenWeb())
                            currentWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = true;
                            SPContentType agendaPointsProposedCT = currentWeb.ContentTypes[Meetings.Common.Constants.CONTENTTYPES_AGENDAPOINTPROPOSED_NAME];
                            SPField reasonReturnedField = CreateHtmlField(currentWeb, Meetings.Common.Constants.FIELDS_AGENDAPOINTSREASONRETURNED_NAME);
                            //SPField reasonReturnedField = currentWeb.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName(reasonReturnedFieldName);

                            reasonReturnedField.Group = "$Resources:SPNLXXX,Field_XXXColumns_Group";                           
                            string schemaXmlWithResourceTokens = reasonReturnedField.SchemaXmlWithResourceTokens;
                            string displaynamelocalized = "$Resources:SPNLXXX,Field_ReasonReturned_Name";
                            string returnValue;
                            int indexOfAttributeName = schemaXmlWithResourceTokens.IndexOf("DisplayName", StringComparison.InvariantCultureIgnoreCase);
                            int indexOfAttibuteValueBegin = schemaXmlWithResourceTokens.IndexOf('"', indexOfAttributeName);
                            int indexOfAttributeValueEnd = schemaXmlWithResourceTokens.IndexOf('"', indexOfAttibuteValueBegin + 1);
                            returnValue = schemaXmlWithResourceTokens.Substring(0, indexOfAttibuteValueBegin + 1) + displaynamelocalized + schemaXmlWithResourceTokens.Substring(indexOfAttributeValueEnd);
                            reasonReturnedField.SchemaXml = returnValue;

                            SPFieldLink fieldLink = new SPFieldLink(currentWeb.AvailableFields.GetField(reasonReturnedField.InternalName));
                            //Check if the Field reference exists
                            if (!agendaPointsProposedCT.Fields.ContainsField(reasonReturnedField.Title))
                            MoveFieldInColumnOrderToLastPosition(currentWeb, Meetings.Common.Constants.CONTENTTYPES_AGENDAPOINTPROPOSED_NAME, reasonReturnedField.InternalName);
                        catch (Exception ex)
                            Logger.LogError("XXX", "AddReasonReturnedFieldsToContentTypeAgendaPointProposed(SPListItem item, SPWeb elevatedTargetWeb)", ex);
                            currentWeb.AllowUnsafeUpdates = false;

private static HtmlField CreateHtmlField(SPWeb currentWeb, string fieldName)
            HtmlField fieldHtml;
            fieldName = fieldName.Trim();
            SPFieldCollection spFieldCollection = currentWeb.Fields;
            if (currentWeb.AvailableFields.ContainsFieldWithStaticName(fieldName))
                fieldHtml = (HtmlField)spFieldCollection[fieldName];
                fieldHtml = new HtmlField(spFieldCollection, "HTML", fieldName)
                    Title = fieldName,
                    Group = "$XXX,Field_XXXColumns_Group",
                    ShowInEditForm = true,
                    StaticName = fieldName,
                    RichText = true,
                    RichTextMode = SPRichTextMode.FullHtml,
                    AllowHyperlink = true,
                    AllowDeletion = true
            return fieldHtml;
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Check that your reasonReturnedField.Title and fieldName are not null.

I can not see on MSDN that is is suppose to throw any exception, not even by inherited classes. But by disassembling SPFieldCollection I see it calls this.DisplayNameDict.ContainsKey((object) fieldName) which is Dictionary that according to MSDN (ContainsKey) will throw the exception you reference.

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if I do that, then the fieldlink wont be added. I am missing something else here? – Esteban V Sep 14 '12 at 10:44
First off, in theory eetings.Common.Constants.FIELDS_AGENDAPOINTSREASONRETURNED_NAME is internal name, so you could use that instead of reasonReturnedField.Title. But at the same time this might mean that if (currentWeb.AvailableFields.ContainsFieldWithStaticName(fieldName)) is true and it returns the field by static name, but perhaps it does not have Title (internal name) and that would fail when you try to use it later – eirikb Sep 14 '12 at 10:50
SPFieldLink fieldLink = new SPFieldLink(currentWeb.AvailableFields.GetField(reasonReturnedField.InternalName‌​)); internalname is null, I dont understand it..7 – Esteban V Sep 14 '12 at 10:57
any idea? thanks – Esteban V Sep 14 '12 at 11:24
I believe it might as I said, the reasonReturnedField exists by static name and is return that way. I suggest you set a breakpoint at the start and step through the whole code, keeping an eye on reasonReturnedField – eirikb Sep 14 '12 at 11:26
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Finally, I was able to solve it:

Solution I found is here:

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