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I am developing web applications for a SharePoint farm. On my laptop, I've attempted to setup my SharePoint site (I'm running Windows 7) as close as possible to the SharePoint site (Server 2008) on the farm. I had the administrator create a site template for me, but when I try to install it, I get errors saying that there are features on the farm that I do not have on my laptop (SSRS for one). Is there a way for the administrator to export the site from the farm so i can import without getting all the features not installed errors and without me installing all the features the server farm has?

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Short answer is: no.

Long answer is: You may be able to open the template package and modify, e.g., the onet.xml of the template and remove references to features you don't have. But, in the end, it is quicker/less risky/less headache to just install the missing components. Really, this is just theoretical long answer, don't seriously consider this alternative :)

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agreed, and I'd like to add - use a server for this kind of development. Windows 7 is nice for demos and learning but not suitable for real-world work. – Derek Gusoff Sep 10 '12 at 16:13

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