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I have a series of pages that use the javascript object model to interact with information stored in lists (this supports sort of an application behaviour but not quite, but I can't complain it's the only thing I get to use to fufill a requirement in my organization), if users interact directly with the lists, the information stored in the lists get compromised because of the way I've made this "application", is there a way to stop users from using these forms?

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You can hide those lists or you can grant Read permission for users on those list. Note that if you grant Read permission on list user can't add or edit list items and in your application you can't do add or edit actions with user credentials so you have to user something like SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges more info here

Also you can edit NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx using SharePoint Designer and delete ListFormWebPart, in this case no one (including SystemAccount!) can use NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx

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you can't remove ListFormWebPart from edit & new pages – Yuri Leontyev Sep 13 '12 at 20:08
changing permissions is a right way. – Yuri Leontyev Sep 13 '12 at 20:09

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