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I have a parent team site (Services) that contains multiple sub sites. One of the sub Teamsites is Call Inventory Containing our Stock List. Another Teamsite is called Purchasing containing a purchase request list.

I need the ability to have a lookup on the Purchase Request list to be the Stock List.

I just can't find a way to do it? I've looked on here and from what I can get is the Stock list needs to be at the Services Level site and can't be at the subsite level.

I'm stuck and realy need help on this..

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not sure but maybe site column is the answer – Mathematics Sep 7 '12 at 13:20

Option to achieve it would be:

  1. Take advantage of a product doing it (Bamboo solutions, etc.)
  2. Use this trick here
  3. Build a BDC Model via BCS and then you could create a new column, and not just for a sub-site or site collection, but for the whole farm.
  4. Not exactly a lookup but also you could opt for Managed Metadata with a Site Collection scoped term-set which you could reuse anywhere as a Column
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