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Regarding my question, at this moment i'm writing some client object model code and I can't find a way to retrieve create make an url ...

My question now is: How can I create an url to an item? I get an SpListItem object with the client object code yes but how to retrieve now an url from it?

If the full url is not possible how can i create a full url to this item?

Thanks for a help.

Update, i have the following code but it is to get the link to document:

var objectType = this.listItem.get_fileSystemObjectType();
var url = this.listItem.get_item('_dlc_DocIdUrl').get_url();
var title = this.listItem.get_item('FileLeafRef');
window.open('mailto:?subject=Emailing%3A%20'+ title + '&body=' + url);
// here should come the creation of URL to a list item

Now I have to have link to an item .. and not document, if outside of the library

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