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The SharePoint 2013 is now released. What is New in SharePoint 2013 ? What are they added in SharePoint 2013 then SharePoint 2010 ? What are the new features ?

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An important note: the released version is only a preview version. This is an early release for testing and learning. I expect to see a RTM version late this year. – Steve B Oct 3 '12 at 12:05
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Everything you need to know can be found here:

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Thanks for response – Vikalp Kapadiya Dec 19 '12 at 11:16

Vesa "vesku" Juvonen has a nice post with SharePoint 2013 IT Pro and Developer training materials released.

These give you a nice overview what is new in SharePoint 2013 for the IT Pro and the developer.

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There is also a good podcast on Dot net Rocks With Sahil Malik

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These are the possible improvements:

User Experience Improvements

User Interface o Minimal Download Strategy o Site Navigation o Sharing  Social Enhancements o User Profiles o My Sites o Taxonomy o Microblogs o Newsfeed  Document Management Enhancements o Office Integration Differences o Office Web Apps  Licensing Information

Visual Studio

Visual Studio Tooling Enhancements

Apps for SharePoint 

Introduction to NAPA  Visual Studio App Project  Hosting Options o SharePoint Hosted o Provider Hosted o Azure Auto-hosted  App Security

API Enhancements

Server OM o Profile/social o Taxonomy o Search APIs  Client OM improvements  REST API additions and changes

UI Branding Enhancements 

Design Manager o Improvements in Master Page, Page Layout design o Design Packaging  Client Side Rendering


Configuration Management Changes

Search Service Application o Site Collection o Site  Query Rules  Query Result Display Templates  API Changes  Client Side API  Server Query API  Content By Search Web Part

Web Content Management  Content Creation Changes  Managed Navigation and category pages  Image Renditions, image processing improvements  Cross-Site Publishing and publishing content across site collections  Variation Changes  Channels and device-specific targeting  Analytics

Workflow 

Architecture o .NET 4.0 o Workflow Manager and Windows Azure Host  Out of the box Workflows  New Workflow Activities  Developing Custom Visual Studio Workflows  Developing Custom Activities

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