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We are thinking of upgrading the .Net Framework 3.5 to 4 while an existing Windows SharePoint Services v3 is running. Is this safe or it will break the installation. Would there b3 any impact on the sharepoint instance?


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Isn't this the point of dev/test? – Codingo Sep 3 '12 at 7:08
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.Net 3.5 and 4 have different CLR versions and can be installed side by side on the same machines, so you can install .Net 4 on your SharePoint servers with no problem.

But code written for .Net 3.5 can't run on the new CLR without a recompile, so you can't swithch your SharePoint application pools to run .Net 4, but you may have other web sites, services, utilities, ... running .Net 4 on the machine. These will not be able to use the SharePoint object model though.

The upcomming SharePoint 2013 is running .Net 4.5

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Thanks Per.I know i could run it side by side. But was't sure of any other impact on the sharepoint instance. – naijacoder Sep 3 '12 at 4:23

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