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I have been trying to edit links within lists to change their overall functionality, but have had no luck with changing any property of the links' functions. The properties I have tried to change thus far are the text-decoration and the href destination. This is my code for attempting to change the href destination.

$(".ms-vb2 a, .ms-vb-title a, .ms-vb-user a").each(function () {
    var itemText = $(this).text();
    $(this).html("<a href=''>" + itemText + '</a>');

The idea is that I want all of the links to hold the text of the original SharePoint list items, but to link me to something other than a list actions menu. An additional note: I have been able to change text properties, such as font color, but not link properties, such as href.

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$(".ms-vb2 a, .ms-vb-title a, .ms-vb-user a").each(function () {

    //Cache the current A tag.
    var currentA = $(this);

    //Use any one of the following to remove the old href.

    //Use this to add your new href to the same link.

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I've had some success with this, so I'll start here and keep messing with it. Thanks for the help! – Gaiadok Sep 1 '12 at 14:37

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